Language Battle

Victory Through Linguistics

Use a foreign language to reign supreme with Viglo’s Language Battle!


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Will Your Language Skills Bring You Victory?

One foot is planted on the chest of your opponent who could not outduel you in a match of foreign languages. Though both of you pushed each other and boosted your Spanish or French speaking chops, only you emerged from the dust victoriously. This is the triumphant experience of a language warrior!

Language Priorities

Everyone learns a language to listen and speak, so that’s where all of your efforts in Viglo will be spent imporving to bring you to true fluency.

Healthy Competition

Improvement comes far more rapidly with some friendly competition pushing you ahead. Viglo gives you the perfect mix of fun and educational competition to keep you striving for fluency.

Duel Anywhere

Short on time, but you have your phone? Use your coffee break, traffic jam, or time on the toilet to score a few more victories to fluency.

Viglo is currently under development and is in the alpha phase of its release life cycle. We are currently looking for private testers for the program. If you are interested in being an early tester for Viglo, please contact us.