Viglo Features

Explore the 3D Immersive Environment with your character and meet your fellow Viglo players. Talk to them about any topic you can think of in the language you want to learn. Don't know how to say something? Simply look it up then speak the translation, absorbing your new language as you continue to play.

3D Explorable World

The entire world is yours to roam free in and explore, with locations like the Movie Theater and Restaurant bringing like-minded people together to practice their new languages with each other. Your spoken words even affect the environment!


When you're conversing, every message you receive is translated into whatever language you're learning. If you're learning Spanish, you will only receive messages in Spanish, no matter what language the other player originally spoke in. Viglo's Alter Echo feature has removed any language barrier between players.

Dynamic Objects

The items in the world of Viglo are not merely decoration, but rather DYNAMIC objects that your player interacts with when you speak to them. Instead of memorizing words on a page, fun visuals and interaction with the objects will be your means of absorbing vocabulary words.

 Why Viglo?

Why Viglo?

Viglo's sole mission is to have you speaking foreign languages by taking the best known method - Language Immersion - and providing it in a digitized form. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars to live abroad to absorb a new language, the Immersion Method is available to you for free without interrupting your daily routine. There's also the embarrassment that comes with struggling to speak a new language. See how Viglo's Alter Echo feature gives even the shyest individual the means for real time conversations without the others hearing your pronunciation or any of your mistakes.

So "Why Viglo?" It's the only program to bring the Immersion Experience right into your own home with a real time peer-to-peer interactive community all helping one another achieve fluency.

In The Works

Viglo is currently under development and is in the alpha phase of its release life cycle. We are currently looking for private testers for the program. If you are interested in being an early tester for Viglo, please click "Play Viglo".

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