Taking The Viglo Challenge: Spanish

In January I will be moving to South America, where English ain’t gonna help me communicate with most people. Looks like I better remedy that situation and get learning to speak Spanish! But how should I, or any of my fellow anglophones, do that?

Well, if you want flashcards in their digital form, then take out a bank loan and sell a kidney to buy Rosetta Stone so you can just click stupid pictures all day on your computer. Or how about you repeat the boring worksheets you were forced to do in school that was full of material completely unrelated to why you wanted to learn a new language in the first place? That method has been repackaged in the form of Duolingo, amongst a whole garbage pile of other language programs.

Screw all that! Let’s practice speaking about whatever topic we want with other live players in a digitally immersive atmosphere… for free. For that method, we only have Viglo.

For the next two months I will get a daily dose of Viglo for at least a half hour to get my vocal cords ready to fire out that Español.

Then I’ll take a written exam to determine how much I learned.

Pffft… Not! Instead I’ll step out of the airplane in South America and communicate with the locals, using reality to determine how well Viglo helped me absorb Spanish. Not some arbitrary test written by a bureaucratic egghead.

Clicking here will show you why I have no doubt Viglo will get me prepared to speak Spanish in a foreign country. This link will give you the chance to try Viglo out for yourself for free and without having to sign up for anything. Can’t lose there!

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