Tester Recruitment Begins With A Splash

February 22, 2016 will forever be a milestone in the field of language learning. It is the day that Viglo unveiled it’s groundbreaking new methods to companies with the explicit purpose of having outside individuals testing and providing Viglo with feedback. Our previous public showings were to simply let people know Viglo existed; to let them see what was on the horizon for language education. But now, we’re actively recruiting testers.

And recruit we did! All five companies represented have asked us to bring Viglo to their organizations. The demonstration evolved from one person presenting Viglo, into a friendly group discussion in how it could be used to specifically benefit their clients. Only Viglo could generate this type of discussion.

Prior to Viglo, the table of language learning methods was cluttered with dusty flashcards, moldy textbooks, yellowed worksheets, and anxiety inducing tests. The attendees witnessed Viglo, in one clean swipe, clear away all that rubbish from the table and into the trash heap for good; to be replaced with Viglo’s method that will set the new standard of education.

Now it’s time for the feedback that will give Viglo the necessary critiques to springboard it’s method to heights unimaginable. Don’t hesitate to be one of those who contributes to Viglo’s improvement. Click “Get Started” at the top of this page, and let your voice influence the future of language education.


A special thanks goes to Joe Pickering and Kim Moore who were responsible for bringing the various organizations together to witness Viglo.

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