Viglo Gets It’s First Public Trial Run

“Why do you want to learn English?” “I want to integrate into the community.”
“Where are you from?” “I am from Rwanda.”
“Did you come with your family?” “No, I am alone.” “I am sorry to hear that. I hope your family can come soon.”

These are tidbits of the various conversations that were had at the Adult Education Center of Portland, Maine among the first future customers to get their hands on, and test, Viglo.

So how was Viglo received in it’s first public roll out? The reception was mixed. One hated it, some loved it, while others expressed liking parts of it, but being frustrated with other aspects. What accounts for the range of emotions? Simply, it came down to prior computer literacy. The amount of enjoyment one got out of the program was directly proportional to one’s skill set using a computer.

Based on the feedback received, we at Viglo will move towards creating a more user-friendly experience that will allow a wider range of people to effectively utilize our software. There are numerous functions and features that the user must currently memorize the proper keystrokes or mouse clicks in order to access, but there is already enough for new users to memorize when trying to learn a new tongue. The Viglo team has designed new buttons and a compass rose on the screen itself that will allow you to perform all of Viglo’s functions without having to use rote memorization to remember how to access them. Those newer to computers will soon be able to reap the benefits of Viglo with far more intuitive tools.

Our initial test group expressed joy in Viglo’s method of allowing you to converse about any topic with fellow players, further demonstrating that Viglo is on the correct educational path. Now we need to make that path more easily traversed for those with less computer experience.

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