Viglo On Your Mac

Customs agents are notoriously corrupt in the Philippines. But even if the package you mail there goes through all the “proper channels,” it could wind up in a warehouse for months before finally getting into the hands of the receiver. But due to popular request, we had to get something over there.

After much deliberation on how to ship this important item, which included consideration of having a friend bring the item to Thailand, then getting it to someone else in Thailand who could start a series of events to finally get the package to Viglo’s lead programmer in the Philippines, we finally stumbled onto a viable means of getting a Mac computer across the Pacific.
So for the many, many of you out there asking for Viglo to be Mac compatible, today is your day! Head on over to the “Get Started” section of our website, and enjoy this new method of language learning that is uniquely Viglo.

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