Viglo, LLC.
Based in Portland, Maine USA

Founding date:
March 1, 2014


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Portland, Maine USA
New London, Connecticut USA
Cebu City, Philippines

+1 (860) 574.5143


People have shared with us the scenarios that they would need a foreign language for. Situations like getting a job, meeting their boyfriend's foreign family, practicing verb tenses, and ordering food while on vacation. So we at Viglo are listening to your reasons for learning a new language, and creating separate mini-games to prepare you for each situation you'll encounter. Viglo's pioneering approach of focusing language games based on your requested scenarios ensures that our games make the most of every moment you play. You will be learning only relevant material, and not wasting your time on pointless work. Furthermore, with each game being completely different and unique, you will avoid the boredom that everyone feels when using a program that has one repetitive method.


Viglo’s Inception

Viglo's cofounder Artie was passed out in the middle of the cold airport floor. A chance encounter with the lady who nearly tripped over his body got him a job as a computer programmer in the Philippines, and unknowingly set off events that would change the future of language learning.

Staying far away from teachers and textbooks, Artie mingled with the locals, guided only with his notebook. And after just three months, he was speaking a Filipino dialect more confidently than he did after all four years of high school French.

Those schooling methods were repeated when Artie moved to Thailand to teach English at a human trafficking shelter, with the predictable results of the young girls only learning to dislike language learning.

Enough is enough! Imagine the amount of hours that your friends, fellow students, and yourself spent trying to learn a new language without success. It doesn't have to be this way! To make sure future language learners get the most education out of every minute they spend on it, Artie asked his former boss and fellow cofounder Scott to build an incredible tool, which the world will know as Viglo.

Viglo has undergone unrecognizable changes as we listen to the feedback and opinions of our users. These changes morphed into the pioneering idea of scenario-based learning that will have language learners like you, achieving fluency with every moment on Viglo.

It won't be long into Viglo when you'll become thankful that it's cofounder passed out on the airport floor all those years ago.


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Get Started Using Viglo
Use this link to get started with Viglo! viglo.co.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Artie Duncanson
Cofounder; Financier

Scott Cameron
Cofounder; Lead Developer

Kendro Villaruel

Sean Boyer
API Developer

Menie Guillermo
Environment Artist

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